25 Notable Trails in the Southeast, US


by: Grant Cappy @happyjoecappy

Below is a list of the 25 best trails I’ve had the pleasure to hike while living in the Southeast. There are probably hundreds more that I’d love so please share what your favorites are!

Trail Name – City, State, Mileage (round trip unless noted otherwise), Elevation Gain

Fiery Gizzard – Tracy City, TN 12.5m (one-way) 2,300ftIMG_0022Grayson Highlands to Mt. Rogers(AT) – Mouth of Wilson, VA 9m 1,100ftIMG_0766Alum Cave to Mt. LeConte – GSMNP, TN 11m 2,763ftimg_7078Old Rag – Shenandoah NP, VA 5.4m 2,415ftIMG_1243Mt. Cammerer(AT) – GSMNP, TN/NC 11m 3,045ftIMG_1514Art Loeb to Shining Rock – Blueridge pkwy MP420, NC 10m 1,580ftIMG_9659Max Patch(AT) – Spring Creek, NC 3m 500ftIMG_9162Blood Mountain(AT) – Blueridge Mountains, GA 4.5m 1,400ftIMG_5984Cumberland Island National Seashore – Cumberland Island, GA 20+m 0ftimg_6952Cloudland Canyon State Park – Trenton, GA 16m 1,850ftIMG_8407Charlie’s Bunion(AT) – GSMNP, TN 8m 1,640ftIMG_1780Jack’s Knob to Brasstown Bald – Dahlonega, GA 9m 2,000ftIMG_9705Whitewater Creek – Chattahoochee NRA, GA 4m 500ftIMG_5826Looking Glass Rock – Pisgah NF, NC 6.4m 1,650ftIMG_9484Desoto Scout Trail – Alpine, AL 16m 0ftIMG_5774Chochran Shoals to Sope Creek – Chattahoochee NRA, GA 8.5m 600ftIMG_8977Rabun Bald – Blueridge Mountains, GA 3m 1,000ftIMG_9370Hawksbill Mt.(AT) – Shenandoah NP, VA 3m 860ftIMG_1236Bearfence Mt.(AT) – Shenandoah NP, VA 2m 310ftIMG_1293Jack’s River Trail – Cohutta Wilderness, GA 15m 2000ftimg_9052Springer Mt.(AT) – Blueridge Mountains, GA 4.7m 700ftIMG_0423Providence Canyon – Lumpkin, GA 5m 550ftIMG_7417The Boardwalk – Congaree NP, SC 2.4m 0ftimg_8034Arabia Mt. – Lithonia, GA 5m 300ftIMG_7619(Bonus) American Hill – U.S. Virgin Islands 3m 300ftimg_0872(Bonus) Wild Cave Tour – Mammoth Cave, KY 7m 0ftIMG_5949


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