About Us

Wander Outside Our Limits 

At Wool Brothers, our goal is to connect individuals through media and apparel, and use that platform to help inspire current and future generations to seek more out of life.

The company was founded in early 2017 by Tyler Jarry and is currently owned by brothers Chad & Tyler Jarry. Wool Brothers is named after a fallen friend, Ian "Wool" Davis who lived life in a way we wanted to emulate. His main strength was connecting people, and that is our intention with this brand. The word "Wool" means to "Wander Outside Our Limits" an acronym that encourages individuals to seek more than what they think is possible. 


Ian Davis Scholarship & Memorial Foundation

In an effort to honor our lost friend, Ian "Wool" Davis and give back, Wool Brothers proudly donates a portion of proceeds to support the Ian Davis Scholarship & Memorial Foundation & other causes. The foundation aims to provide higher education opportunities, by means of small scholarships, to young adults from the Atlanta area. Ian valued his education, and the Davis family felt this would be the best way to honor Ian and give back to the community. The Ian Davis Scholarship & Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization, in which all proceeds go directly toward the scholarship fund.