7 Ways To Jump Start Your Success

1. Start now- Take Action
What stops us from taking action? 99 percent of the time, our procrastination stems from fear. The fear of us failing or the fear that others' will judge us. Fear is the number 1 killer of success and in order to be successful, we have to eliminate fear. What eliminates fear? Action. Isolate your fear and determine what exactly it is you're afraid of. Once you determine what that is, squash it and take action. Action cures fear.
(For more information on being productive, I recommend reading "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins.)
2. Get up Early and Make your bed
There's something motivating about getting up early. Talk to most successful people and they will tell you they get up early to start their day. You should too. Along with waking up early, make your bed. Making your bed in the morning gives you psychological momentum when starting your day. Counting the small wins is just as important as counting the big wins. Celebrate successes big or small. Start by making your bed. Start small.
3. Do something physical
Do something that is physical or uncomfortable every day. Being uncomfortable and getting outside of your comfort zone gives you the ability to grow as a human being and make you stronger mentally. Whether it's working out, public speaking or creating any type of novelty in your life, make it a priority to embrace being uncomfortable. Aside from morning or evening workouts, a great way to start the day is to take a cold shower. The mental strength it takes to endure cold water does wonders for your brain and mood.
(For more information on taking cold showers and the benefits of cold exposure, check out the "Wim Hof Method")
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4. Build your task list and execute
Create a daily task list and track your progress throughout the day. Creating lists in the morning and checking them off periodically will help you stay motivated and focused. Narrow your list to 4-5 activities you need to accomplish that day and make sure you get them done. I recommend doing the hardest thing on your list first to get it out of the way.
David Goggins, an ultra-marathon runner, triathlete and motivational speaker, suggests that you should track your time throughout the day. Be aware of what you do daily so you can correct bad habits and use your time effectively.
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5. Avoid Distractions
Distractions are all around us. Whether it's watching television, friends wanting to hang out, or checking social media every 5 minutes, distractions can be a huge killer of success. A big reason why people are successful is because they limit distractions and sacrifice things they enjoy momentarily for long term gain (also known as delayed gratification).
When you first wake in the morning, instead of checking your phone and scrolling through social media, meditate or write down your tasks for the day. When you know you need to get something done, be sure to block out time during your schedule to completely focus.
Not only can distractions come from your phone (which is the most harmful), distractions can be your friends wanting you to go out that weekend when you know you have goals to meet. Be able to say "no" and remove yourself from distractions.
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6. Weakness doesn't get a vote
Jocko Willink said it best, "Attack your weaknesses." When you're faced with adversity or when you don't feel like doing something, attack it. Be aware and figure out what's wrong or what's stressing you and train to be better. Don't let procrastination win. Don't let laziness take over. Your body is the first to quit, but your mind is stronger than your body. You can endure more than you think.
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7. Do something that supports your goals or visions
Whether it's 1 hour a day or more, do something that supports your goals. Everyday. Start small and eventually you will see progress. Take this mentality with anything new in your life. If you want to learn how to play the piano, start by practicing 5 minutes a day then ramp up to 10 minutes a day. Constant exposure and practice, no matter how small will help you achieve your goals.
Bottom line: Start now. Whether it's big or small...any step closer toward your goal is the right step. Never settle.

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