A Hidden Gem in the PNW - Lake Serene

Written By: Tyler Jarry
Traveling to the pacific northwest had always been on my radar ever since I first saw the abundance of lush evergreen forest, towering waterfalls & pristine alpine lakes. When the opportunity arose for me to fly to Seattle, I knew I had to jump on it. 
Having only a few days to explore such a vast territory, I felt overwhelmed with the amount of choices there were for great hikes & wondered where I would even begin. After doing some research & speaking with a fellow hike enthusiast, I landed on Lake Serene Trail. Lake Serene is a glacial lake located in Snohomish County, Washington near Mount Index and above Bridal Veil Falls. 
Typically, I will look up images & reviews of the hikes to be sure "the view is worth the climb" so to speak, but even I know that pictures don't do justice. Even on a rainy, gloomy summer day in Washington, I was determined to see a gem in the Cascades National Park.
This 7.2 miles round trip hike is filled with a diverse range of scenery. You will start by walking through fern filled valleys & western red cedar trees towering over you in a dream like setting. Along the valley, you will be met with falls and rocky creeks to cool you off.
After the passing through the lush forest, the elevation slowly picks up and leaves you with spectacular vista views of the Cascade mountain range. The great thing about this hike is how every 30 minutes seems to become a new chapter, giving you a full perspective on the territory.
As you ascend higher and higher into the mountain range, the terrain gets rockier and steeper, but I promise the destination is worth every step. Also, Bridal falls, a quick detor up to Lake Serene, is a pleasant addition. As you near the summit, you can see the peaks that enclose this secluded alpine lake. Once at this point, you become anxious to see the fruits of your labor.
Arriving at Lake Serene, I was in disbelief at how beautiful it was in person. The vibrant blue/green water and steep cliffs surrounding the lake make it seem extraterrestrial. Couple this with the subtle sounds of wildlife & euphoric aurora, there is no mystery as to why it was named Lake Serene. The beauty of this lake certainly rewards you for your effort to reach it.
Add Lake Serene to your next trip visiting the PNW if you want a diverse hike that will challenge & reward you! I can promise you the view is worth the climb.
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