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Written by: Jackie Tamburo
Instagram: @jackietamburo
Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my page. For those of you who do not know me, my name is  Jackie Tamburo.. Newlywed to my amazing husband Mike.   

Mike realized pretty quickly on that marrying me, meant marrying into my love for travel and seeing the world. As it is easy to forget the details of past trips, my goal is to keep a 'travel journal' of my future adventures around the US and around the world. I hope to inspire you to book your next plane ticket and make planning your vacation, a little less stressful. 

My passion for travel started when I traveled overseas to Sierra Leone during my sophomore year of college to be a part of a mission team through Helping Children Worldwide.  The people I met during this trip were simply incredible and this leap out of my comfort zone, changed my life forever. After returning from Africa, I was officially affected by the 'travel bug' and ever since, I have been dreaming up where my next destination might be. 

Check out my 'archive' of trips as I reminisce on my past travels. 
You will find posts on my three month study abroad program in Verona, Italy, a 45-day backpacking adventure through Southeast Asia (shoutout to @fnez), a New Years Eve spent in Nicaragua, a family getaway to Costa Rica, and a week spent sailing around the Croatian islands on Yacht Week. 

When I am not traveling [ or planning my next trip ], I am spending time on another passion which is health and wellness. Whether it is trying out new healthy recipes, researching new super foods, or trying out all of the wonderful boutique gym studios around Atlanta..I am always striving to live my healthiest life. I have recently taken another leap to follow my passions and joined the Beautycounter movement in a mission to get safer and cleaner beauty products into the hands of everyone.

Keep your eye out for posts on some of my favorite recipes, healthy restaurants + personal favorite fitness gems around Atlanta, and education on how to be a part of the #saferbeauty movement! 


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